'48 Fender Dual Professional Amp JB Edition

$ 2,995.00

I purchased this off Joe B's website as soon as it was available and never opened the box. I need to sell, this is serial number DP0014.

Fender’s original 1948 Dual Professional guitar amplifier is an extremely rare and collectible model that has never been reissued—until now. It was the first Fender amp with two speakers; its striking “V-front” appearance is an early-era Fender classic; and its throaty growl, whether used for its original lap steel purpose or for blues, rock or country guitar, has become legendary.

Acclaimed blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, an avid collector of the world’s greatest vintage guitars and amplifiers, loaned Fender his own prized ’48 Dual Pro, which looks and sounds just incredible. At his request, Fender developed this hand-wired reissue model, which delivers the amazing look, tone, feel and overall vibe of that special vintage tube amp. The amp includes a 12AU7 phase inverter tube and two EF806 preamp tubes to replicate the sound and feel of the unavailable octal tubes in the original.

Hand-made in Corona, Calif., the ’48 Dual Professional JB Edition is designed and built to Joe Bonamassa’s specifications and is sure to appeal to his fans and to collectors and pro guitarists everywhere.