Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic - Tube Kit

$ 242.50

Stock (Original) -

Our "Stock" LS Classic tube kit comes with the exact same tubes that Mesa stocks the Mesa Boogie Lonestar with, however that are re-labeled (Ruby 6L6GC-CZ, JJ ECC83, etc). Pick this tube kit if you're tubes have worn out and you happy with the way your amp sounded before.

4 x Ruby/JJ 6L6GC-CZ  $115.80

5 x JJ ECC83S  $99.75

1 x Ruby/JJ 5U4GB  $26.95




Metal -

Our "metal" amp tube kit is designed to produce richer, thicker, and darker tones. We've had a lot of great customer feedback on the Ruby 6L6GCCS's, as they've given people nice, thick distortion. For the 5 x 12AX7's we suggest the following:

V1 - Gold Lion 12AX7 standard pin (high gain) $37.90

V2 - Ruby 12AX7ACZ HG (high gain) $23.95

V3 - Ruby 12AX7ACZ HG (high gain) $23.95

V4 - Ruby 12AX7ACZ HG (high gain) $23.95

V5 - Ruby 12AX7ACZ HG (high gain) $23.95

V6 - V9  4 x RUBY 6L6GCCS  $119.80

        1 x Ruby/JJ 5U4GB   $26.95