What we do (in one sentence)

We offer quality tested current production & NOS vacuum tubes for guitar amplifiers and high-end audio applications. 

Our Services

Every tube gets:

  • 1. Burned In
  • 2. Tested
  • 3. Matched

» Burning In

All power tubes are burned in for 24-48 hours using up to four Maxi-Burn rigs that each burn in 30 tubes at a time. Burning the tubes in stabilizes the tube, which ensures a more accurate reading for when we match the tubes.

» Testing & Matching 

Preamp Tubes

Every tube is tested on a Vacuum Tube Valley dual triode characterizer and/or a Maxi-Pre. We also offer testing with an Amplitrex AT-1000 at an additional cost. We guarantee that every preamp tube we offer is tested thoroughly for proper gain, low noise and microphonics, and overall quality. 

Power Tubes

Like the preamp tubes, every power tube is thoroughly tested under conditions that recreate the circuit for which it is intended. Power tubes are matched for plate current draw and transconductance using a Maxi-Matcher digital tester, or our Multi-Matcher(which does 30 power tubes at once). All power tubes are tested for microphonics, durability, and overall quality.

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