Egnater Rebel - 20

$ 188.65

Egnater Rebel 20 Amp Manual & Tube Layout

 British Rock Indie/Pop -

Our "British Rock" Indie/Pop tube amp kit is built for those that rely more on the clean channel and the EL84 blend. Bright, nice mid range, more chime on the top end."

Matched Pair Ruby/JJ 6V6-CZ $49.90

Matched Pair Ruby/JJ EL84-CZ $39.90

V1 = Mullard CV4004 - high gain $32.95

V2 = Ruby/JJ 12AX7CZ - high gain $24.95

V3 = NOS Ei 12AX7(PI) - high gain $37.95

Classic Rock -

Our "Classic Rock" amp tube kit is designed for those who are pushing more of the second channel and are looking for that sweet 6V6 sound.

Matched Pair EH 6V6GT - $69.90

Matched Pair Sovtek EL84 - $47.90

V1 = Mullard CV4004 $29.95

V2 = Ruby 12AX7ACZ HG $24.95

V3 = Psvane ECC83 $21.95


**Power tubes supplied will be in the average distortion range.