Yarland Pro88SE

$ 1,495.00

Yarland Pro88-MK IV Push Pull KT88 amplifier. Superb performance and build quality. Hand build, hard wired. With double output transformers, feedback on/off switch. Full metal plate chassis. ***NEW*** in the box.


power Tube KT88 * 4
impulse Tube 6N8P/6SN7 * 2
Signal Tube Ecc803/12AX7 * 1
working State Class A / Push-pull
bias Voltage State Regular Bias
rated Full – Power Bandwidth 4/8ohms – 15Hz-70kHz +/-1dB (input 1v)
maximum Output Power 40w
output Load Impedance 4ohm And 8ohm
SNR 89db
channel Balance 0.5db
input Impedance At 1khz 100K
input Terminal Cd / Aux / Line
output Terminal without
power Consumption 380w
product Size 320 * 410 * 170(mm)
weight 29 Kg